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best disposable gloves to fight against COVID-19

What are the best disposable gloves to use?

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve had to swap out our winter gloves for the disposable kind – but what are the best disposable gloves to tackle the virus with?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year there has been a huge demand for PPE, including disposable gloves. With the use of disposable gloves rising there are a few questions that have arisen, with the most common question – what are the best disposable gloves? We’ll be comparing latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves to see which comes out on top.

The best disposable gloves for protection

best dispoable gloes for COVID-19 protection

Depending on what kind of protection you’re after, either of the gloves could be your winner. For protection from COVID-19, both latex and nitrile gloves offer the greatest level of protection as they defend against viruses. The latex gloves also protect you from bacteria, whereas the nitrile gloves protect against chemicals. Vinyl gloves have only been proven to protect against chemicals so they aren’t the best option for the pandemic. Nitrile gloves are the most puncture-resistant than the other two gloves, with the latex gloves giving minimal puncture protection and the vinyl gloves giving no puncture protection at all, so keep that in mind if you’re worried about getting holes in your gloves. You can also find most nitrile gloves in multiple colours such as blue, white and black; this is so you can see puncture holes more easily!

The best disposable gloves for the price

Price-wise, vinyl gloves are by far the cheaper option. Due to the added protection and durability of the latex and nitrile gloves, you will have to pay a slightly higher price. However, nitrile gloves have to longest shelf life and so will last longer if you’re looking to buy in bulk and use every so often. When comparing every aspect and quality of the gloves, all the prices are relatively cheap for what you get. You can buy cheap nitrile gloves here.

The best disposable gloves for allergies & ease of use

When it comes to allergies, the gloves most prone to allergic reactions is definitely latex. Vinyl and nitrile gloves are less likely to cause allergic reactions however you need to be careful if you’re using a powdered glove as the powder could also cause allergies. There are powderless gloves available in every material if you’re worried about allergies. When it comes to ease of use, latex and nitrile gloves have the best touch sensitivity due to their second-skin feel, while vinyl gloves are quite a loose fit. Bear in mind when choosing your gloves that vinyl gloves were made for short tasks like preparing food, whereas the latex and nitrile gloves were made for extended periods of use like surgery.

The best disposable gloves for the environment

After the disastrous year we’ve had so far, being more environmentally conscious is definitely something that is on the mind a lot more. If you’re planning on using gloves to prevent the spread of COVID-19, unfortunately, you will have to dispose of them in the general waste in case the virus is on the gloves. This means the gloves will either end up in a landfill to gradually decompose, or they will be incinerated. Vinyl gloves are non-biodegradable and so are the worst when it comes to helping the environment. Nitrile and latex gloves are biodegradable however, they can take anywhere from 5 years to decades to fully decompose.

Our winner?

Nitrile gloves! They are latex-free and can be bought powder-free, they are cheap, super durable and most importantly can protect your hands from viruses like COVID-19. The long shelf life is a bonus and you can use the gloves for other things than just COVID-19 protection, like cleaning with toxic and hazardous chemicals. Overall, it seems like the best disposal gloves are the nitrile gloves if you want a multipurpose, protective glove!

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